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  • Dr. Maria Carolina Gallego Iradi

    Dr. Maria Carolina Gallego Iradi

    Ped Stem Cell Transplantation, Pediatrics - Ped Stem Cell Transplantation

    BioDr. Maria Carolina Gallego Iradi earned her BSc degree in Marine Biology (UDO, Venezuela), MSc. in Waste Treatment (UIA, Spain), and a Ph.D. in Genetics working in neuroscience (Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain), all with honors. Her passage through UDO, McKnight Brain Institute, neurology, and neuroscience depts. at the University of Florida (USA) as a postdoc, researcher, and faculty member to strengthen her knowledge. Dr. Gallego Iradi also collaborated with the Aerospace Engineering dept. at the University of Florida trying to connect genetic mutations with chemical elements by lasers (LIBS) in cells and flies. Then, Stanford University (USA) consolidated her scientific research with human immunology. She is a top expert in molecular biology, neuroscience, RNA transcriptomics, and bioinformatics for gene data mining to understand insights of the human cell-organ function.
    Dr. Gallego Iradi has worked and lived in different countries in Europe (Spain, Belgium, Cyprus), and North and South America (USA, Venezuela) as a chair, professor, top researcher, private founder, CEO, institutional counselor, and mentor.
    She was distinguished with the Medal of Honor (Ministry of Defense) and Order of Merit “City of Porlamar” to recognize her discoveries and contribution to Nueva Esparta State (Venezuela).
    Dr. Gallego Iradi is the discoverer of Alzheimer's disease pathologies and AD-related genes in dolphins (2005 during her Ph.D., published in 2017). This finding had worldwide recognition after its publication in a scientific journal and the British newspaper “The Times”. This news spread in TV, newspapers, Newsweek, The Times, CBS, Discover, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Nature, and National Geographic Italy (2018) among others.
    She is a top researcher, entrepreneur, and mentor at Silicon Valley right now.