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  • Jlateh Vincent Jappah

    Jlateh Vincent Jappah

    Ph.D. Student in Health Policy, admitted Autumn 2021
    Master of Arts Student in Economics, admitted Spring 2024
    Other Tech - Graduate, School of Medicine - Grad Student Support

    BioJlateh Vincent Jappah is a PhD Candidate in Health Policy (Health Economics) at Stanford School of Medicine and Stanford Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies. His research interests intersect between methods that enhance access to the social determinants of health and the provision of appropriate and timely healthcare services, with the aim of reducing avoidable morbidity and mortality and improving overall health and well-being, especially for underserved and vulnerable populations.

    Jlateh contends that although health insurance and access to healthcare services are important elements in the health production function, other structural and socio-economic factors collude to either foster or erode health. As such, he has a keen interest in public policy, economics, medicine, global public health, maternal and child health, and a curiosity to understand those socio-political and institutional forces that shape health and well-being. He is also interested in machine learning and artificial intelligence in healthcare.

    In addition to the United States, Jlateh has lived and worked in several countries in Africa, Asia, and Europe.
    He is bi-lingual (English and Russian).