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  • Vinh Lam

    Vinh Lam

    Clinical Assistant Professor, Medicine - Primary Care and Population Health

    BioDr. Vinh Lam is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine, Division of Primary Care and Population health. He earned his MD from the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and chose to stay in Los Angeles to complete his family medicine residency training at UCLA. During his training, Dr. Lam developed a strong interest in teaching and medical education through his involvement with resident education and the graduate medical education committee. He also spent 1 year as a resident informaticist where he also became very interested in informatics, medical technology, and innovative solutions to improving patient health outcomes and decreasing physician burnout. Dr. Lam enjoys caring for patients of all ages from pediatrics to geriatrics, performing office-based procedures, and prioritizing preventative care.
    Outside of medicine, Dr. Lam loves to travel with his family, dabbles in photography and videography, and enjoys attempting to recreate meals he has had while traveling with his wife.

  • Benjamin Laniakea

    Benjamin Laniakea

    Clinical Associate Professor, Medicine - Primary Care and Population Health

    BioDr. Benji Laniakea serves as the chief of the Stanford LGBTQ+ Adult Clinical Program, which offers comprehensive and tailored healthcare for the LGBTQ+ patient population for patients of all ages, sexualities, and gender identities. They also serve as the theme lead for the Sex, Gender, Sexuality, and Sexual Function curriculum at the Stanford School of Medicine for which they received the Arthur L. Bloomfield Award, and have the honor of advising the American Medical Association on LGBTQ+ Health.

  • Bryant Lin

    Bryant Lin

    Clinical Professor, Medicine - Primary Care and Population Health

    Current Research and Scholarly Interests-Digital Health
    -Medical device design, prototyping, testing and clinical trials
    -Behavioral determinants of chronic disease
    -Novel diagnostic processes for medical mysteries
    -Asian Health
    -Medical Humanities and Arts
    -Medical Technology

  • Steven Lin

    Steven Lin

    Clinical Professor, Medicine - Primary Care and Population Health

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsArtificial intelligence and machine learning in healthcare
    Primary care and population health
    Value added medical education

  • Brian Linde, MD

    Brian Linde, MD

    Clinical Assistant Professor, Medicine - Primary Care and Population Health

    BioDr. Linde is a double board-certified, fellowship-trained internal medicine doctor with the Department of Medicine, Division of Primary Care & Population Health at Stanford University School of Medicine. He is board certified in both internal medicine and occupational and environmental medicine. He is fellowship trained in occupational and environmental medicine.

    Dr. Linde specializes in preventing, managing, and treating work-related injuries and diseases. He uses his expertise to improve the physical and mental wellness of his patients while reducing their exposure to occupational and environmental hazards. As a public health expert, Dr. Linde also focuses on enhancing the health of entire populations through strategies and policies that benefit communities as a whole.

    His academic interests include inhalational exposures and occupational lung diseases. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Linde studied how to increase adherence to infection prevention recommendations in clinical settings. He has also worked on guidance related to exposure to per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). These chemicals, which are found in water, food, and fabrics, are an ongoing public health concern. Dr. Linde has also researched how to improve the mental and physical health of medical students and ways to prevent physician burnout.

    Dr. Linde has published in many peer-reviewed journals, including Current Opinion in Pulmonary Medicine and Academic Medicine. As a member of the Committee on the Guidance on PFAS Testing and Health Outcomes, Dr. Linde contributed to Guidance on PFAS Exposure, Testing, and Clinical Follow-Up, a publication of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. He was also a reviewer for Archives of Environmental & Occupational Health and the American Journal of Industrial Medicine.

    He has written book chapters for Modern Occupational Diseases: Diagnosis, Epidemiology, Management and Prevention and Patty’s Industrial Hygiene. He wrote about preventing occupational and environmental pulmonary disorders for the Merck Manuals Professional Edition. Dr. Linde has been invited to speak at workshops and presentations all over the nation about a range of topics, including environmental health risks in underserved communities and the health effects of floods.

    Dr. Linde is a member of the American Board of Internal Medicine and the American Board of Preventive Medicine. He is also a member of the American College of Physicians and the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

  • Christine Kee Liu

    Christine Kee Liu

    Assistant Professor of Medicine (Primary Care and Population Health)

    BioDr. Liu and her research program are dedicated to improving the lives of older adults with kidney disease. Currently her research focuses on mobility, which is the ability to move safely and reliably from one place to another. In older adults, poor mobility strongly predicts future disability and death. Retaining mobility has been cited by older adults as fundamental to quality to life; yet many older persons with kidney disease, especially those with late stage chronic kidney disease or outright kidney failure, have trouble just walking across the room or transferring to a chair. Dually trained in geriatric medicine and epidemiology, Dr. Liu also has significant expertise in older adult clinical trials, including safety trials of novel agents as well as intervention studies to reduce infections in older populations.

  • Karl Lorenz

    Karl Lorenz

    Professor of Medicine (Primary Care and Population Health)
    On Leave from 07/15/2024 To 09/15/2024

    BioDr. Karl Lorenz, MD MSHS is a general internal medicine and palliative care physician, and Section chief of the VA Palo Alto-Stanford Palliative Care Program. Formerly at the VA Greater Los Angeles, Dr. Lorenz directed palliative care research at the VA Center for Innovation to Implementation and served on the faculty at the UCLA School of Medicine. Dr. Lorenz is a member of the VA’s national Hospice and Palliative Care Program (HPC) leadership team, director of the operational palliative care Quality Improvement Resource Center (QuIRC), and adjunct facility staff member at RAND. Dr. Lorenz’s work and leadership has been influential to the field of palliative care research. Under Dr. Lorenz’s leadership, since 2009 the Quality Improvement Resource Center (QuIRC) has served as one of three national leadership Centers responsible for strategic and operational support of the VA’s national hospice and palliative care programs. QuIRC develops and implements provider facing electronic tools for the VA’s national electronic medical record to improve the quality of palliative care. In that role, Dr. Lorenz participates with the national leadership team in strategic planning, policy development, and providing resources to support operational efforts. Dr. Lorenz has contributed to the field of global palliative care, serving the World Health Organization in its development of Palliative Care for Older People and leading methods for Palliative Care Essential Medications.

  • Henry J. Lowe, MD

    Henry J. Lowe, MD

    Associate Professor of Medicine (General Medical Disciplines) at the Stanford University Medical Center, Emeritus

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsMy research in the field of biomedical informatics over the past 30 years has focused on the development of novel uses of information technology and computer science to improve human health. My current interests include the Electronic Health Record (EHR), biomedical knowledge representation, Internet applications in healthcare, clinical data warehouses, clinical data and text mining, academic social networking and the use of information technology to support clinical and translational research.

  • Kevin M Lutley

    Kevin M Lutley

    Clinical Assistant Professor, Medicine - Primary Care and Population Health

    BioDr. Lutley is a primary care doctor. He is board certified in internal medicine.

    For every patient, he creates a customized care plan. Plans focus on helping each person enjoy the best possible health and wellness.

    Dr. Lutley has helped advance care through research. He has shared his research discoveries with his peers in invited presentations. Topics include drug prices in community pharmacies and the quality of interactions between patients and resident physicians.

    While an internal medicine resident at Stanford, Dr. Lutley served as a member of the Stanford Ambulatory Care Excellence Program. This initiative aims to enhance the quality of outpatient primary care.

    Dr. Lutley helps educate the primary care doctors of tomorrow. He is a clinical assistant professor of primary care and population health in the Stanford Department of Medicine, Division of Primary Care.

    Before joining Stanford, Dr. Lutley performed needs assessments and care coordination with local public health agencies in Flint, Michigan.

    Recognition for his achievements includes induction in the Gold Humanism Honor Society. This national organization honors senior medical students, residents, teachers and others for excellence in clinical care, leadership, and compassion. Additional honors for Dr. Lutley include induction in Alpha Omega Alpha, the honor society in the field of medicine.

    From Stanford University, he received the Julian Wolfsohn Award. This honor goes to residents who demonstrate exemplary professionalism, teaching, and dedication to patient care.

    Dr. Lutley is a member of the American College of Physicians.