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  • Teresa Phuongtram Nguyen

    Teresa Phuongtram Nguyen

    Resident in Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine
    Affiliate, Dean's Office Operations - Dean Other

    BioDr. Teresa Nguyen is a Resident Physician in Anesthesiology at Stanford Medicine. She is passionate about medical innovation and is committed to advancing science education and mentorship. Her research is focused on the intersection of AI and medicine where she studies the applications of large language models in healthcare and subsequent impacts on society. She also mentors students in the Stanford Robotics Team and leads research initiatives for investigating AI-enabled robots' application for improved pediatric care and outcomes. She is the instructor for Chem 93: "Chemistry Unleashed: Exploring the Chemistry that Transforms Our World" at the Stanford Department of Chemistry and is a helicopter pilot.

    Dr. Nguyen completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry at Stanford University, where she was awarded a U.S. Department of State Critical Language Scholarship in Arabic and the Bing Fellowship for her research in Chemistry. She then became a Scientific Researcher at Genentech, where she co-invented and patented a series of drugs for the potential treatment of chronic and neuropathic pain. She attended and received her MD from Stanford University School of Medicine, where she was a Medical Scholars Research Fellow under the mentorship of Professor Carolyn Bertozzi (Nobel laureate in Chemistry 2022). She has published across several medical subspecialties, including head and neck surgery, rhinology, urology, and orthopedic surgery.

    Dr. Nguyen is deeply passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. She is the founder of the Lighthouse Initiative, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide resources and mentorship to first-generation, low-income, and minority individuals, with a 100% success rate in aiding college admissions for its members. She is also the co-founder of Hands-On Robotics, a nonprofit organization which supports robotics initiatives and education.

  • Ariadne Nichol

    Ariadne Nichol

    Casual - Non-Exempt, Anesthesia
    Research Assistant, School of Medicine - Biomedical Ethics

    BioAriadne Nichol is a researcher at the Stanford Center for Biomedical Ethics. She earned her bachelors degree in Human Biology from Stanford University, where she graduated with Honors in Ethics in Society and was a Public Service Scholar. She has previously worked on global public health research ethics topics at Doctors Without Borders and at the World Health Organization (WHO). Her work has been published in the American Journal of Bioethics and PLOS One. Her areas of interest include ethical issues of biomedical research in vulnerable populations; ethical challenges associated with emerging infectious diseases; as well as ethical and social issues raised by application of big data and machine learning in health care and pharmacogenetics.