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  • Stefan L. Oliver

    Stefan L. Oliver

    Sr Res Scientist-Basic Ls, Pediatrics - Infectious Diseases

    BioStefan Oliver is a creative senior scientist and educator with a special interest in the membrane fusion mechanisms of viral pathogens. Stefan uses and develops multidisciplinary approaches to delineate the molecular functions that underpin the mechanics of herpesvirus fusion. Recently he has been focused on solving near atomic resolution structures of antibody-bound glycoproteins using contemporary cryo-EM technologies. One of his overarching goals is to understand the complex interplay of the herpesvirus fusion complex with cellular factors at the atomic level using state-of-the-art structural biology tools.

    In addition to his dedication to lab-based science, Stefan is involved in community outreach supporting scientists of the future. He participates as a judge for science competitions and also lectures to high school students about STEM. He is a strong advocate for the scientific method and seeks to get the best out of his mentees at all stages of their careers, guiding high school students and postdocs through their research projects.

    Stefan’s educational background includes a B.Sc. in Immunology and a Ph.D. in Veterinary Virology. He has spent more than 25 years in academic and biotechnology research laboratories in fields spanning immunology, pharmaceuticals, infectious diseases and structural biology. Special interests outside of his primary field of research are evolution and motorcycles. Stefan was the recipient of an American Motorcycling Association (AMA) Service award for providing information related to COVID-19.