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  • Samantha Reyes

    Samantha Reyes

    Ph.D. Student in Biomedical Physics, admitted Autumn 2022

    BioResearch Interests: Preclinical and clinical PET imaging, novel tracer validation in vivo, B cell role in multiple sclerosis and pharmacokinetic modelling

    Samantha is a Biomedical Physics PhD student with extensive experience in multi-modal molecular imaging of neurological diseases and a strong background in synthetic chemistry. She helped validate both a novel sigma-1 radiotracer, [18F]FTC-146, for its ability to detect molecular markers of neuropathic pain non-invasively and a [64Cu]hCD19-mAb radiotracer for imaging therapy-induced B cell depletion. She is well-versed in pharmacokinetic modeling, receptor occupancy studies, autoradiography, and cell-based assays. Moreover, is an expert in PET/MR imaging of neonatal mice.