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  • Amy Thomas

    Amy Thomas

    Visual Designer, Rad/Radiology Finance and Administration

    BioI'm a passionate designer with 19 years of experience in interface, print, and web design. I love to make things look, work, and act more efficiently. Some might call it compulsion...I like to call it passion. My mind and heart are always open to challenging design problems. I thrive on finding innovative solutions to complex situations.

    I started my professional career as a Visual Designer at IBM for the Storage Systems Group. My work at IBM involved close interaction with our user experience designers. The team I was on developed a software interface to help facilitate storage administrators in monitoring their storage subsystems. We created an interface that allowed the admin to see storage system status at a glance using a drill down table as well as custom built icons. The work our team completed earned several US Patents.

    In March 2008, I began my career at Stanford University School of Medicine. I started as a Temporary Visual Arts Specialist. In November 2010 I was hired on full time as the Web & Graphic Designer for the Department of Radiology. My work at Stanford is very gratifying. I never expected, as an artist, to have my work matter in a way that could help other people. With each new project, I am (in a small way) contributing to the research and development of new and innovative treatments for many of the most damaging diseases. My art helps the great minds of our department explain their thinking, their research, and their findings to others in their field.

  • Hulya Torun

    Hulya Torun

    Graduate, Medicine, Radiology

    BioHulya Torun is a graduate researcher at Stanford Medicine's Radiology department, specializing in Biomedical Sciences and Engineering. Her primary focus lies in pioneering Raman spectroscopy-based diagnostic technologies for the precise detection of brain tumors. Hulya is dedicated to make significant contributions to medicine by translational research. She contributed to field by publishing some of the esteemed journals, including 'Advanced Devices & Instrumentation' and 'Small'. Notably, she has been selected as Stanford Representative for a Pediatric Brain Tumor Fellowship Application, a finalist for the Stanford Biodesign MEDTech Spectrum Grant and the recipient of the OPTICA Zuegel Scholarship, ISEV 2024 International Researcher Award, 1st place in KUIMPACT 2023 Patent Competition, SNO 2023 International Scholar Award, 3rd place in KUIMPACT 2021 Patent Competition, and SPIE Student Travel Grant underscoring her commitment to impactful research.
    Beyond her academic pursuits, Hulya actively engages in mentorship programs, notably serving as a mentor in the Stanford Canary CREST Program, supported by the National Cancer Institute (NCI), where she guides undergraduate students from diverse backgrounds. Additionally, she holds the esteemed position of President of Stanford Optical Society after her former position as the Co-Chair of the Stanford University Photonics Retreat (SUPR 2024), showcasing her leadership capabilities within the academic community. Her multidimensional engagement, strong research acumen, and dedication to advancing healthcare technology underscore her potential as a future leader in the realm of neuroengineering. Outside of her research endeavors, Hulya is an avid participant in professional extracurricular activities such as dancing and volleyball, reflecting her well-rounded approach to personal and professional development.

    Professional Education:
    - Stanford Medicine - Radiology, Graduate Research Scholar, Sep 22' - Current
    - Koc University, PhD in Biomedical Sciences and Engineering, June 24'
    - Koc University, MSc in Biomedical Sciences and Engineering, Feb 21'
    - Technical University of Berlin, Erasmus, Molecular Biotechnology, Aug 16'
    - Yildiz Technical University, BSc in Bioengineering, July 17'

    Key Awards & Grants:
    - Mikitani Cancer Research Grant, Co-PI, June 24'
    - OPTICA Zuegel Scholarship, Siegman School of Lasers, June 24'
    - OPTICA Student Leadership, March 24'
    - Stanford Office of Graduate Education (OGE) Biosciences Student Travel Grant, 24'
    - International Researcher Award, International Society of Extracellular Vesicles (ISEV) 24' Annual Meeting
    - KUIMPACT 2023 Patent Competition Award, 1st Place, Koc University, March 24'
    - International Outreach Student Scholarship Award - Society for NeuroOncology (SNO), Nov 23'
    - Stanford Biodesign MEDTech Spectrum Grant, Finalist, Stanford University, May 23'
    - KUIMPACT 2021 Patent Competition Award, 3rd Place, Koc University, May 22'
    - SPIE Student Travel Grant, Photonics West BIOS 22', Jan 22'
    - Best Poster Presentation Award, Research Days, Koc University School of Medicine, Apr 19'
    - Erasmus+ Exchange Study Scholarship, European Commission of Education, Audiovisual, and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA), Mar - Aug 16'

    Executive Appointments:
    - President, Stanford Optical Society May 24' - Current
    - Chair, Stanford University Photonics Retreat (SUPR 2024), Stanford Optical Society - May 23' - May 24'
    - Koc University Quality Board, Koc University, April 21' -Sep 22'
    - Head of Graduate Student Council, Koc University, May 21' - Sep 22'
    - Member of Board, Koc University Student Council, April 21' - Sep 22'
    - Student Representative for Graduate School of Sciences and Engineering, 21' -Sep 22'
    - Student Representative for Dept. of Biomedical Sciences and Engineering, 21' - Sep 22'