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  • Britni Wilcher

    Britni Wilcher

    Postdoctoral Scholar, Health Policy

    BioBritni Wilcher, PhD, is a Postdoctoral Fellow in Health Services Research & Development. Dr. Wilcher earned her PhD in economics from American University in 2022. She is an applied microeconomist with interests in health, labor, and gender economics. Dr. Wilcher’s research focuses on the economics of health decision making and its implications for labor markets using quasi-experimental designs to draw causal inferences for historically disadvantaged populations. While completing her doctoral studies, Dr. Wilcher also conducted impact analysis of US regulations for think tanks and government agencies.

    Prior to her doctoral studies, Dr. Wilcher completed a BA in Economics at Spelman College and MSc in International Health Care Management, Economics, and Policy at SDA Bocconi School of Management in Milan, Italy. During her masters, she specialized in the economics evaluation of pharmaceutical and medical devices. Dr. Wilcher applied that training as a senior consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton in Washington, DC and research fellow at the University of Exeter in England. Her work at Exeter, supporting an EU commission aimed at advancing the existing methodological framework for health technology assessment (HTA) of medical devices (MedtecHTA), was published in Value in Health, Health Economics, and the International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care.