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  • Devin Dollery

    Devin Dollery

    Ph.D. Student in Oceans, admitted Autumn 2023

    BioI am interested in computational simulations of the natural world - focusing on developing models of ocean physics to predict the ocean's role in climate variability. At Stanford, my PhD research commencing in Autumn 2023 with Prof Fringer seeks to model and understand the interaction of surface and internal waves. This relationship will be correlated to satellite imagery of ocean surface roughness to infer stratification for assimilation into ocean models.

    My professional background started in civil engineering and coastal processes modeling. I received an MSc in computational mechanics at the University of Cape Town (2018) - formulating and implementing a multiscale FEM model for cardiac tissue. Most recently, I was a scientific software developer adding parallelized tools and functionality to the ocean modeling software, UCLA ROMS, at the University of California, Los Angeles.