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  • Mathieu Lapôtre

    Mathieu Lapôtre

    Assistant Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences

    BioProf. Lapôtre leads the Earth & Planetary Surface Processes group. His research focuses on the physics behind sedimentary and geomorphic processes that shape planetary surfaces (including Earth's), and aims to untangle what landforms and rocks tell us about the past hydrology, climate, and habitability of planets.

  • Andrew Leslie

    Andrew Leslie

    Assistant Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsI am interested in morphological evolution. I approach this broad topic by investigating how interactions among form, function, and environment have influenced evolutionary patterns in plant reproductive structures over million-year time scales. This approach requires synthesizing information from different disciplines, and my work uses approaches from paleontology, biomechanics, phylogenetics, and biogeography.

  • Juhn Liou

    Juhn Liou

    Professor of Geological and Environmental Sciences, Emeritus

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsPetrochemical processes and tectonics of ultrahigh-pressure metamorphic terranes

  • Keith Loague

    Keith Loague

    Professor of Geological Sciences, Emeritus

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsRESEARCH (see PUBLICATIONS), 1980-2017
    Process-based characterizations of surface & near-surface hydrologic response, based upon comprehensive field observations and sophisticated numerical simulations.
    * Group Members (with degrees earned): John Griggs - PhD, Jennifer Kleveno - MS, Robert Miyahira - MS, Ephraim Leon-Guerrero - MS, Domingo Molina - MS, Robert Abrams - MS, Ricardo Diaz-Diaz - Post Doctoral Fellow, Erik Wahlstrom - MS, Robert Abrams - PhD, Robert Abrams - Post Doctoral Fellow, Jim Blanke - MS CoTerm, Anona Dutton - MS CoTerm, D’Artagnan Lloyd - MS, Melissa Mills - MS, Edzer Pebesma - Visiting Scholar, Iris Stewart - PhD, Luis Ugalde - MS, Joel VanderKwaak - Post Doctoral Fellow, Dennis Corwin - Visiting Scholar, Leigh Soutter - PhD, Robert Abrams - Research Associate, Qihua Ran - MS, Lauren Benson - MS CoTerm, Qihua Ran - PhD, Adrianne Carr - PhD, Christopher Heppner - PhD, Susan BeVille - MS CoTerm, Brian Ebel - PhD, Brian Ebel - Post Doctoral Fellow, Benjamin Mirus - PhD, Mollie Pettit - MS, Kristin Mayer - MS, Matthew Thomas - PhD, & Matthew Thomas - Post Doctoral Fellow
    * Invited Reviews, requested by: Academic Press, Advances in Environmental Research, Advances in Water Resources, American Geophysical Union, Hydraulic Engineering, Hydrologic Engineering, Cambridge University Press, Earth & Planetary Science Letters, Ecohydrology, Engineering Geology, Environmental & Engineering Geoscience, Environmental Earth Sciences, Environmental Geology, Environmental Fluid Mechanics, Environmental Science & Technology, Geoderma, Geophysical Research Letters, Hydrogeology, Hydrological Processes, Contaminant Hydrology, Environmental Quality, Geophysical Research - Earth Surface, Natural Hazards, National Aeronautics & Space Administration, National Geographic Society, National Science Foundation, National Sciences & Engineering Research Council of Canada, Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations, Oxford University Press, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Remote Sensing of Environment, Reviews in Geophysics, Science, USDA Water Quality Research Program, USGS National Institutes for Water Resources , US State Department (Science Center), Soil Science Society of America, Vadoze Zone, Water Resources Center (California), Water Resources Research, Water Resources Research Center (Hawaii), & 37 more journals/agencies

    TEACHING (courses taught, repeatedly; 89 total), 1985-2017
    * University of Hawaii @ Manoa, 1985-1988 (~ 1,000 days): GG455 Groundwater Geology, GG654 Groundwater Contamination, GG655 Groundwater Modeling, & GG656 Transport Modeling
    * University of California @ Berkeley, 1988-1994 (2,222 days): FRM109 Wildland Hydrology, SS150 Soil Hydrology, Soil Science Seminar, SS250 Vadose Zone Modeling, & SS251 Hillslope Hydrology
    * Leland Stanford Junior University, 1994-2017 (8,431 days): GES-43Q Environmental Problems, GES-130 Environmental Earth Sciences I, GES-131 Environmental Earth Sciences II, GES-130 Soil Physics and Hydrology, GES-131 Hydrologically-Driven Landscape Evolution, GES-140 Geomorphology, GES-230 Hydrogeology, GES-332b Seminar in Hydrogeology, GES-237 Surface and Near-Surface Hydrologic Response, GES-238 Soil Physics, & GES-239 Advanced Geomorphology

    SERVICE (US Army - enlisted - 1,096 days active duty), 1970-1973
    * Stateside: Fort Wayne MI, Fort Knox KY (D-12-5 "tigers one and all"), Fort Eustis VA, Fort Stewart GA, Hunter Army Airfield GA, Treasure Island CA, & Fort Carson CO
    * Vietnam (volunteer - 328 days "in country"): "breathing in" Saigon / Tan Son Nhut AB (via Travis AFB, Alaska, & Yokota AFB), Vung Tau, 611th Trans Company 1st Aviation Brigade @ Vien Long Army Airfield ("Delta Riggers" - crew chief, Tailboard 336 [67N20 / UH-1H (slick)], door gunner, & rigger), Can Tho Army Airfield, F Troop 1st Calvalry Division @ Bien Hoa Air Base (Army side), & "breathing out" Saigon / Tan Son Nhut AB (to Travis AFB)

  • Jacob Long

    Jacob Long

    Ph.D. Student in Earth and Planetary Sciences, admitted Autumn 2023

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsUsing experimental rock physics and monitoring techniques to study the carbonation process and its impact on reservoir porosity, permeability, and other properties in carbon capture and storage projects.

  • Donald Lowe

    Donald Lowe

    Max Steineke Professor in Earth Sciences, Emeritus

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsClastic sedimentology, deep-water sedimentation mechanics and facies; Archean depositional systems and crustal development