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  • Emily R. Paris

    Emily R. Paris

    Ph.D. Student in Earth System Science, admitted Autumn 2020

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsDid life exist on Mars? My research addresses the salinity limits of microbial life in extreme environments on Earth to determine how and where to look for life on other planets. As a member of the NASA-funded Oceans Across Space and Time Team (OAST), I am targeting three hypersaline brine ecosystems: solar salterns (San Diego, CA), acidic brines (Western Australia), and deep hypersaline anoxic basins (Gulf of Mexico). By analyzing how microbial metabolism changes with salinity and additional environmental extremes (low pH, high pressure, etc.) we can constrain how the environment impacts global biogeochemical cycling on Earth and beyond.

  • Zach Perzan

    Zach Perzan

    Ph.D. Student in Earth System Science, admitted Autumn 2017

    BioI’m currently a PhD candidate in Earth System Science at Stanford University. I use modern data science techniques to better understand the environmental processes affecting water quality.

    This broad topic includes research projects in several different areas:

    1. Building a data-driven water quality model that can make predictions in real time based on in situ sensor observations
    2. Understanding seasonal contaminant cycling in a uranium-contaminated floodplain in Wyoming
    3. Modeling the impact of managed aquifer recharge on groundwater quality in California’s Central Valley
    4. Analyzing the financial cost of EPA drinking water quality violations through 10+ years of consumer purchasing data