Vice Provost and Dean of Research

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  • Roxana I. Malene

    Roxana I. Malene

    Senior Industrial Contracts Officer, Office of Technology Licensing (OTL)

    BioIn 2023, I joined Stanford University’s Industrial Contracts Office as a Senior Officer. As a seasoned negotiator, I focus on growth, community and collaboration, results and creating long-lasting partnerships.

    A native of Romania, I immigrated in the U.S. in 2002. Later, I attended Northwestern University to explore my interest in Psychology, Neuroscience, and Computational Linguistics, and then Case Western Reserve University for Law School. I returned to Chicago where I litigated on behalf of the city and then sought justice for the unlawfully incarcerated victims of Jon Burge, as an attorney with the Illinois Torture Inquiry and Relief Commission. In 2017, I pursued my interest in transactional law and joined Northwestern’s team of contracts officers in the university’s office for sponsored research where I discovered my passion for research administration. I later joined The University of Chicago’s central research administration team to lead the team of industry contracts, create the necessary infrastructure and expand engagement with corporations interested in funding the research of brilliant faculty and partnering with the university.

    Fun fact: my first visit to a university campus in the U.S. was at the majestic Stanford University. Needless to say, I am happy to return and be part of the Stanford community!

  • David Mallin

    David Mallin

    Licensing Manager, Physical Sciences, Office of Technology Licensing (OTL)

    BioBefore joining Stanford as a Licensing Associate, David graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a Ph.D. in Chemical and Material Physics. His multidisciplinary research in the Taborek lab focused on the low-temperature fluid dynamics of superfluid helium. During his graduate studies, he spent over three years as a technology transfer intern in UCI Applied Innovation’s Research Translation Group. He was responsible for intellectual property assessment of technologies in physics, chemistry, engineering, and computer science.

  • Brenda Martino

    Brenda Martino

    Biological Materials Specialist, Office of Technology Licensing (OTL)

    BioBrenda is a Biological Materials Specialist at OTL. She negotiates license agreements with industry for unpatented biological material (e.g. cell lines and mouse models) on behalf of Stanford, and coordinates and processes material transfer agreements.

  • Luis Mejia

    Luis Mejia

    Senior Licensing Manager, Physical Sciences, Office of Technology Licensing (OTL)

    BioLuis has been a technology transfer professional at Stanford for over 30 years. He is a volunteer for Climate Donor, Inc. a non-profit that helps fund climate change and species extinction mitigation projects. Prior to joining Stanford he worked on solar energy systems and energy management at Honeywell and Pacific Gas & Electric. He has a degree in Energy Systems Engineering from Arizona State University, is a Fellow of the Disruptor Foundation and is a recipient of an award for Excellence in Technology Transfer from the Department of Energy, Federal Laboratory Consortium.

  • Laura Clark Murray

    Laura Clark Murray

    Program Manager for High Impact Technology (HIT) Fund, Office of Technology Licensing (OTL)

    BioLaura joined OTL in 2022 to launch the High Impact Technology (HIT) Fund and Program. She has led product marketing management, project management, and operations efforts for Apple, Electronic Arts, and for numerous startups.