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  • Natalie L. Chang

    Natalie L. Chang

    Coordinator, Office of International Affairs

    Current Role at StanfordNatalie supports the Office's coordinating role in international incident response, and works with units across the university to ensure that faculty and students are well-prepared for international activities through training and learning opportunities. She is passionate about information design and international affairs. Natalie is also a Certified ScrumMaster.

    Contact Natalie for:
    - International travel preparation
    - International response planning

  • Kathryn Kuruc

    Kathryn Kuruc

    Coordinator, Office of International Affairs

    Current Role at StanfordKatie supports international initiatives for Stanford faculty and students as well as outreach efforts by various campus partners. Through collaboration with a team of stakeholders, Katie is developing and maintaining two Stanford platforms related to research and travel. The first, Stanford Off-campus Learning Opportunities (SOLO), aggregates opportunities available to Stanford students to gain experience through Stanford activities (research, internships, public service and so on). The second, Stanford Seed Funding (SSF), aggregates research and travel opportunities available to Stanford faculty. Katie is a certified ScrumMaster.

    Contact Katie about:
    -Stanford Off-campus Learning Opportunities (SOLO)
    -Stanford Seed Funding (SSF)

  • Pauline Larmaraud

    Pauline Larmaraud

    Associate Director, Office of International Affairs

    Current Role at StanfordPauline helps the OIA's team identify, create, and make available services that advance faculty international research outcomes and make doing international research at Stanford as easy as possible - "dans le meilleur des mondes possibles" (French for "in the best of all possible worlds"). After launching the Stanford Off-Campus Learning Opportunities website (SOLO), Pauline is now working with the Vice Provost and Dean of Research and Stanford research centers, institutes and other academic units to build a website that will aggregate in one place Stanford research funding opportunities for faculty. The website - - will make it easier for faculty to browse, identify and apply for opportunities. Pauline also manages the International Research Exploration Funds, that provide funding opportunities to faculty to explore new proof-of-concept projects and find innovative solutions to challenges that are specific to doing international and global research.

    Pauline is always eager to find ways to collaborate with others on campus to design solutions together as this often proves to be the better, simpler and more pleasant path forward. Pauline has been involved in Stanford's international research efforts since 2005.

    Contact Pauline for:
    - Your international or global research challenges
    - Stanford Seed Funding
    - International Exploration Funds
    - Your ideas to streamline international research at Stanford

  • Amy Y.J. Lee

    Amy Y.J. Lee

    Coordinator, Office of International Affairs

    Current Role at StanfordAmy works with faculty and departmental administrators to advance their research activities at the international level by developing a new opportunity with a foreign institute and government as well as formalizing faculty's academic collaboration around the world. She also engages with international visiting faculty and scholars to help them connect with Stanford's research community and deepen their relationships with the university during their visit.

    Amy is a Stanford Certified Project Manager and Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO).

    Contact Amy for:
    International research
    Research opportunity and international collaboration development
    International visiting scholar services

  • Pui Shiau

    Pui Shiau

    Coordinator, Office of International Affairs

    Current Role at StanfordPui coordinates the university’s international visitor (faculty, government officials and dignitaries) services program for the purposes of advancing faculty research and teaching. She also collaborates with a network of on and off campus stakeholders to find solutions to make international travel safe for the Stanford community. Pui is a service design advocate, a certified project manager and a member of the University Communications Working Group.

    Contact Pui about:
    - International visitor services
    - University travel registry
    - Communications: OIA and GoGlobal Websites

  • Brendan M Walsh

    Brendan M Walsh

    Director, Office of International Affairs, Office of International Affairs

    Current Role at StanfordAs the Director, Brendan is focused on international issues of long-term, strategic importance to the University. strategy and services that make it easier for faculty and students to carry out dynamic international research. In response to the impact globalization is having on higher education, Brendan works with schools and departments to develop creative ways to promote interdisciplinary research that addresses global issues. Brendan currently staffs the President’s “Global Advisory Council” and leads Stanford International Response Team.

    Brendan has been engaged in international education since 1997, and has a Ph.D. in International Development Education.

    Brendan can be contacted for:
    • International research and exchange agreements
    • International response planning
    • New research centers and projects outside of the United States