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  • A Cation-Dependent Dual Activation Motif for Anionic Ring-Opening Polymerization of Cyclic Esters. Journal of the American Chemical Society Jadrich, C. N., Pane, V. E., Lin, B., Jones, G. O., Hedrick, J. L., Park, N. H., Waymouth, R. M. 2022


    A new organocatalyst for the ring-opening polymerization of lactones has been identified. Under the tested conditions, the anions of 2,2'-bisindole promote fast, living polymerizations (as short as 10 ms) which are selective for chain elongation over transesterification (D ≤ 1.1). While structurally related to (thio)urea anion catalysts, anions of 2,2'-bisindole activate the monomer via the counterion rather than through hydrogen bonding. This new activation motif enables modulation of the polymerization rate by 2 orders of magnitude by changing the counterion.

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  • Ultrafast and Controlled Ring-Opening Polymerization with Sterically Hindered Strong Bases MACROMOLECULES Lin, B., Jadrich, C. N., Pane, V. E., Arrechea, P. L., Erdmann, T., Dausse, C., Hedrick, J. L., Park, N. H., Waymouth, R. M. 2020; 53 (20): 9000–9007