Changhoon (Chang) Kim is an adjunct professor at the Computer Science Department. He is also an Intel Fellow and CTO of Applications at Barefoot Switch Division (BXD) in Intel Corp. He is also working actively for the P4 Language Consortium ( Chang is leading various research and engineering projects regarding fully-programmable high-speed networking devices. Before getting involved with and Barefoot Networks, he worked at Windows Azure, Microsoft’s cloud-service division, and led engineering and research projects on the architecture, performance, and management of datacenter networks. Chang is interested in programmable networking, network monitoring and diagnostics, domain-specific machine architectures, application acceleration, self-configuring/running networks, and debugging and diagnosis of large-scale distributed systems. Many of his engineering and research contributions — including In-band Network Telemetry (INT), VL2, Seawall, EyeQ, Ananta, and SEATTLE — are adopted in large production systems and services. He received a few awards, including SIGCOMM 2019 Test of Time Award, best paper awards from top-notch conferences (SIGCOMM, NSDI, and FAST), and Microsoft Rockstar Award 2013.