Education & Certifications

  • Ph.D, Stanford University, Geophysics (2018)
  • Bachelor, Tongji University, Civil Engineering (2013)

Work Experience

  • Geomechanics Intern, TOTAL. S.A. (6/15/2015 - 9/18/2015)

    Understand thermo-poro-elasto-plastic equation and implement Cam-clay plasticity in MatLab and validate with results
    from FLAC.
    Conduct a field case study on Vaca Muerta formation in Neuquén
    basin considering burial, tectonic, thermal history and hydrocarbon generation.


    Pau, France

All Publications

  • Hydraulic Fracture Diagnostics from Krauklis Wave Resonance and Tube Wave Reflections Geophysics Liang, C., O'Reilly, O., Dunham, E. M., Moos, D. 2017
  • A Coupled Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Model of Jointed Hard Rock for Compressed Air Energy Storage MATHEMATICAL PROBLEMS IN ENGINEERING Zhuang, X., Huang, R., Liang, C., Rabczuk, T. 2014