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  • Electro-responsive surfaces with controllable wrinkling patterns for switchable light reflection-diffusion-grating devices MATERIALS TODAY Lin, I., Choi, Y., Wojcik, C., Wang, T., Kar-Narayan, S., Smoukov, S. K. 2020; 41: 51–61
  • PT-Symmetric Topological Edge-Gain Effect PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS Song, A. Y., Sun, X., Dutt, A., Minkov, M., Wojcik, C., Wang, H., Williamson, I., Orenstein, M., Fan, S. 2020; 125 (3)
  • Absence of unidirectionally propagating surface plasmon-polaritons at nonreciprocal metal-dielectric interfaces. Nature communications Buddhiraju, S. n., Shi, Y. n., Song, A. n., Wojcik, C. n., Minkov, M. n., Williamson, I. A., Dutt, A. n., Fan, S. n. 2020; 11 (1): 674


    In the presence of an external magnetic field, the surface plasmon polariton that exists at the metal-dielectric interface is believed to support a unidirectional frequency range near the surface plasmon frequency, where the surface plasmon polariton propagates along one but not the opposite direction. Recent works have pointed to some of the paradoxical consequences of such a unidirectional range, including in particular the violation of the time-bandwidth product constraint that should otherwise apply in general in static systems. Here we show that such a unidirectional frequency range is nonphysical using both a general thermodynamic argument and a detailed calculation based on a nonlocal hydrodynamic Drude model for the metal permittivity. Our calculation reveals that the surface plasmon-polariton at metal-dielectric interfaces remains bidirectional for all frequencies.

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  • PT -symmetric topological edge-gain effect Song, A. Y., Sun, X., Dutt, A., Minkov, M., Wojcik, C., Wang, H., Williamson, I., Orenstein, M., Fan, S., IEEE IEEE. 2020
  • Absence of frequency ranges of undirectional propagation in nonreciprocal plasmonics Buddhiraju, S., Shi, Y., Song, A., Wojcik, C., Minkov, M., Williamson, I. D., Dutt, A., Fan, S., IEEE IEEE. 2019
  • A General Strategy for Stretchable Microwave Antenna Systems using Serpentine Mesh Layouts ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS Chang, T., Tanabe, Y., Wojcik, C. C., Barksdale, A. C., Doshay, S., Dong, Z., Liu, H., Zhang, M., Chen, Y., Su, Y., Lee, T. H., Ho, J. S., Fan, J. A. 2017; 27 (46)
  • Characterization of Stretchable Serpentine Microwave Devices for Wearable Electronics Chang, T., Wojcik, C., Su, Y., Rogers, J. A., Lee, T. H., Fan, J. A., IEEE IEEE. 2017: 207–10