My research aims to advance our knowledge of fluid flow and transport in porous media and improve simulation and prediction by observing and characterizing complex flow processes at different scales. I have applied my research to carbonate reservoirs, water resources and sustainability and CO2 storage in geologic formations. Most of my work centers on developing novel laboratory methods and experiments that provide unique datasets that are of great importance to better identify and understand the relevant small-scale mechanisms controlling subsurface environment dynamics, and their interplays.

In particular I have placed a strong focus on investigating the effect of reservoir rock structure on single reactive flow and multiphase flow by conducting pore-scale and core-scale core-flooding experiments on real rocks coupled with X-ray computed tomography imaging.

Academic Appointments

  • Phys Sci Res Assoc, Department of Energy Resources Engineering

All Publications

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    View details for DOI 10.1111/1574-6941.12445

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