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  • A Fully Integrated 32 Gbps 2x2 LoS MIMO Wireless Link with UWB Analog Processing for Point-to-Point Backhaul Applications Sawaby, M., Grave, B., Jany, C., Chen, C., Kananian, S., Calascibetta, P., Gianesello, F., Arbabian, A., Hueber, G., Wang, H. IEEE. 2020: 107–10
  • Controlling properties of human neural progenitor cells using 2D and 3D conductive polymer scaffolds. Scientific reports Song, S., Amores, D., Chen, C., McConnell, K., Oh, B., Poon, A., George, P. M. 2019; 9 (1): 19565


    Human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived neural progenitor cells (hNPCs) are a promising cell source for stem cell transplantation to treat neurological diseases such as stroke and peripheral nerve injuries. However, there have been limited studies investigating how the dimensionality of the physical and electrical microenvironment affects hNPC function. In this study, we report the fabrication of two- and three-dimensional (2D and 3D respectively) constructs composed of a conductive polymer to compare the effect of electrical stimulation of hydrogel-immobilized hNPCs. The physical dimension (2D vs 3D) of stimulating platforms alone changed the hNPCs gene expression related to cell proliferation and metabolic pathways. The addition of electrical stimulation was critical in upregulating gene expression of neurotrophic factors that are important in regulating cell survival, synaptic remodeling, and nerve regeneration. This study demonstrates that the applied electrical field controls hNPC properties depending on the physical nature of stimulating platforms and cellular metabolic states. The ability to control hNPC functions can be beneficial in understanding mechanistic changes related to electrical modulation and devising novel treatment methods for neurological diseases.

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  • A Compact 130GHz Fully Packaged Point-to-Point Wireless System with 3D-Printed 26dBi Lens Antenna Achieving 12.5Gb/s at 1.55pJ/b/m Dolatsha, N., Grave, B., Sawaby, M., Chen, C., Babveyh, A., Kananian, S., Bisognin, A., Luxey, C., Gianesello, F., Costa, J., Fernandes, C., Arbabian, A., IEEE IEEE. 2017: 306
  • Loss and Dispersion Limitations in mm-Wave Dielectric Waveguides for High-Speed Links IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON TERAHERTZ SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Dolatsha, N., Chen, C., Arbabian, A. 2016; 6 (4): 637-640
  • A Novel Programming Method for Multilevel RRAM Based on Pulse Width Modulation Chen, C., Cai, Y., Yin, S., Huang, R., Lin, Q., Claeys, C., Huang, D., Wu, H., Kuo, Y., Huang, R., Lai, K., Zhang, Y., Guo, Z., Wang, S., Liu, R., Jiang, T., Song, P., Lam, C., Xiong, J., Chen, K. ELECTROCHEMICAL SOC INC. 2013: 45–50
  • A TaOx based Threshold Switching Selector for the RRAM Crossbar Array Memory Huang, Y., Huang, R., Cai, Y., Wu, H., Yue, P., Zhang, Y., Chen, C., Wang, Y., IEEE IEEE. 2012: 85–87