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  • Bachelor of Engineering, Tsinghua University, Materials Science and Engineering (2018)

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  • High Areal Capacity Li-Ion Storage of Binder-Free Metal Vanadate/Carbon Hybrid Anode by Ion-Exchange Reaction. Small (Weinheim an der Bergstrasse, Germany) Zhou, C., Lu, J., Hu, M., Huang, Z. H., Kang, F., Lv, R. 2018: e1801832


    Storing more energy in a limited device area is very challenging but crucial for the applications of flexible and wearable electronics. Metal vanadates have been regarded as a fascinating group of materials in many areas, especially in lithium-ion storage. However, there has not been a versatile strategy to synthesize flexible metal vanadate hybrid nanostructures as binder-free anodes for Li-ion batteries so far. A convenient and versatile synthesis of Mx Vy Ox+2.5y @carbon cloth (M = Mn, Co, Ni, Cu) composites is proposed here based on a two-step hydrothermal route. As-synthesized products demonstrate hierarchical proliferous structure, ranging from nanoparticles (0D), and nanobelts (1D) to a 3D interconnected network. The metal vanadate/carbon hybrid nanostructures exhibit excellent lithium storage capability, with a high areal specific capacity up to 5.9 mAh cm-2 (which equals to 1676.8 mAh g-1 ) at a current density of 200 mA g-1 . Moreover, the nature of good flexibility, mixed valence states, and ultrahigh mass loading density (over 3.5 mg cm-2 ) all guarantee their great potential in compact energy storage for future wearable devices and other related applications.

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  • High areal specific capacity of Ni3V2O8/carbon cloth hierarchical structures as flexible anodes for sodium-ion batteries JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A Zhou, C., Fan, S., Hu, M., Lu, J., Li, J., Huang, Z., Kang, F., Lv, R. 2017; 5 (30): 15517–24

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