Victoria Woo, Ph.D. is an entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in start-ups, international management and in academia. Most recently, she has devoted the past decade to bridging academia and business communities by co-designing custom executive programs at INSEAD and Harvard where she helped Fortune 500 clients curate learning journeys for C-suite, senior leaders and high-potential managers. In these roles, she also has facilitated dialogue and cooperation among world-wide business partners, alumni, and clients. Since returning from a decade working in Asia, she is a mentor for, a non-profit organization serving the global entrepreneurial ecosystem and she advises early stage startups. She is working on her 6th startup with a focus on helping individuals receive advice and mentorship when relevant using ML and AI.

She has a Ph.D. in management. Her research focus is discovering factors that contribute to sustaining and attaining eudaimonia, by harvesting the transformative power of change, through which individuals’ well-being is enhanced. Her research has lead to development of measurements such as Transformation Quotient ™ and Thriving Transitional Experiences™. Recently released by Emerald Publishing, her chapter on Thriving in Transition and TQ(Transformation Quotient) is featured in , “Human Capital and Assets in a Networked World”. Her research has been published the International Academy of Management and Business, and Executive Doctorate in Business Administration Conferences and “Let's Get Engaged! Crossing the Threshold of Marketing’s Engagement Era: Proceedings of the Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) Annual Conference” and Academy of Management. She is the founder and Chief Thriving Officer for Eudaimon Inc, an extension of her research to elevate and nurture talent in organizations using the power of appreciative inquiry and narrative analysis.

Academic Appointments

Current Research and Scholarly Interests

Woo, V. (2018). With or Without You, How Family Support Can Make or Break A Business, or worse, an Entrepreneur. Paper presented at AOM Start-Up to Scale-Up Conference, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
Woo, V. (2017). Thrive Transitional Experiences- Self-knowledge Improvisation and Transformation Quotient in a highly dynamic world. Chapter 4; Human Capital and Assets in the Networked World; ISBN: 978-1-78714-828-4
Woo, V. (2016). Relation of Self-Knowledge and Improvisation to Thriving Transitional Experiences. Paper presented at the 18th IAMB Conference, Regent University, London, United Kingdom.
Woo, V. (2015). Thriving In Transition: Cognitive, Social and Behavioral Resources For Times Of Change (Doctoral Dissertation).
Woo, V. (2014) User Benefit and Adoption of Web-based Counseling Tool: Designing An Artifact using Action Research Design Methods Special Sessions Presentation at Academy of Marketing Sciences Conference, Indianapolis, Indiana
Woo, V., Boland, R. J., Fry, R., & Lyytinen, K. (2014). Thriving in Transition Through The Lens Of Transformation Quotient: Navigational Competence Of Mobile Executives In Changing Times. Paper presented at the 18th IAMB Conference, Roma Tre University, Rome, Italy.
Woo, V., & Boland, R. J. (2013). Significant Life Changes and Changing Lives: Discovering Lived Lives of International Mobile Professionals. Paper presented at the Third Annual International Conference on Engaged Management Scholarship, Atlanta, Georgia.

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