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  • Carrier-selective interlayer materials for silicon solar cell contacts JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS Xue, M., Islam, R., Chen, Y., Chen, J., Lu, C., Pleus, A., Tae, C., Xu, K., Liu, Y., Kamins, T. I., Saraswat, K. C., Harris, J. S. 2018; 123 (14)

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  • Contact Selectivity Engineering in a 2 mum Thick Ultrathin c-Si Solar Cell Using Transition-Metal Oxides Achieving an Efficiency of 10.8. ACS applied materials & interfaces Xue, M., Islam, R., Meng, A. C., Lyu, Z., Lu, C., Tae, C., Braun, M. R., Zang, K., McIntyre, P. C., Kamins, T. I., Saraswat, K. C., Harris, J. S. 2017


    In this paper, the integration of metal oxides as carrier-selective contacts for ultrathin crystalline silicon (c-Si) solar cells is demonstrated which results in an 13% relative improvement in efficiency. The improvement in efficiency originates from the suppression of the contact recombination current due to the band offset asymmetry of these oxides with Si. First, an ultrathin c-Si solar cell having a total thickness of 2 mum is shown to have >10% efficiency without any light-trapping scheme. This is achieved by the integration of nickel oxide (NiOx) as a hole-selective contact interlayer material, which has a low valence band offset and high conduction band offset with Si. Second, we show a champion cell efficiency of 10.8% with the additional integration of titanium oxide (TiOx), a well-known material for an electron-selective contact interlayer. Key parameters including Voc and Jsc also show different degrees of enhancement if single (NiOx only) or double (both NiOx and TiOx) carrier-selective contacts are integrated. The fabrication process for TiOx and NiOx layer integration is scalable and shows good compatibility with the device.

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  • Determination of Sudan I and of a newly synthesized Sudan III positional isomer in the color additive D&C Red No. 17 using high-performance liquid chromatography Weisz, A., James, I., Tae, C., Ridge, C., Ito, Y. AMER CHEMICAL SOC. 2017