Ms. Kurihara, a retiree, was formerly with the Bioengineering Prakash Lab focused on frugal science, physics of biology, and unique approaches to helping get science into the hands of many.

Previously with Biodesign, as Senior Associate Director of Global and Communication, Christine was responsible for Biodesign's global fellowship programs. Ms. Kurihara also oversaw IT and web projects and was responsible for communication and marketing for Biodesign. Ms. Kurihara joined Biodesign after an eleven-year career with Stanford in the area of media services. She also spearheaded media development efforts for an on-campus service unit, where her teams produced websites, online courseware, video and broadcast products. Prior to Media Solutions, she was the first coordinator of the Stanford University website. In 1997, Ms. Kurihara was co-chair of the Sixth International World Wide Web Conference. Prior to Stanford, she worked for The Aerospace Corporation for twelve years managing Computer-Aided Engineering development.