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  • Irrigation and Greenhouse Gas Emissions: A Review of Field-Based Studies SOIL SYSTEMS Sapkota, A., Haghverdi, A., Avila, C. E., Ying, S. C. 2020; 4 (2)
  • Effect of Cover Crop on Carbon Distribution in Size and Density Separated Soil Aggregates SOIL SYSTEMS Schaefer, M. V., Bogie, N. A., Rath, D., Marklein, A. R., Garniwan, A., Haensel, T., Lin, Y., Avila, C. C., Nico, P. S., Scow, K. M., Brodie, E. L., Riley, W. J., Fogel, M. L., Berhe, A., Ghezzehei, T. A., Parikh, S., Keiluweit, M., Ying, S. C. 2020; 4 (1)