Connor assists with research and programs led by Dr. Palmer’s group in conjunction with CISAC. His interests include how technology development shapes social and political orders, norms and governance practices with a particular focus in the life sciences. Connor received an Honors Baccalaureate and Bachelors in Chemical Engineering, Biological Engineering, and Interdisciplinary Studies (BS) with foci in biological engineering, economics and political science from Montana State University. His thesis work studied the application of nuclear nonproliferation norms to dual-use biotechnology. He also conducted research on the biochemistry and structural biology of CRISPR-Cas systems under the direction of Dr. Blake Wiedenheft during his undergraduate studies. Connor was named a Truman Scholar, the premier graduate fellowship in the United States for those pursuing careers as public service leaders. Before joining Stanford, he worked with the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy [ACEEE] to develop a connected and autonomous vehicle policy toolkit. An avid outdoorsman, he can be found after hours exploring the backcountry with his mountain bike, touring skis, climbing gear, or backpack.

Honors & Awards

  • Truman Scholar, Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation (2018)

Education & Certifications

  • Honors Baccalaureate, Montana State University, Liberal Arts (2019)
  • BS, Montana State University, Interdisciplinary Studies [Biological Engineering, Economics, Political Science] (2019)
  • BS, Montana State University, Biological Engineering (2019)
  • BS, Montana State University, Chemical Engineering (2019)