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  • Assessing speech exposure in the NICU: Implications for speech enrichment for preterm infants. Journal of perinatology : official journal of the California Perinatal Association Scala, M. L., Marchman, V. A., Godenzi, C., Gao, C., Travis, K. E. 2020


    Quantify NICU speech exposure over multiple days in relation to NICU care practices.Continuous measures of speech exposure were obtained for preterm infants (n = 21; 12 M) born <34 weeks gestational age in incubators (n = 12) or open cribs (n = 9) for 5-14 days. Periods of care (routine, developmental) and delivery source (family, medical staff, cuddler) were determined through chart review.Infants spent 13% of their time in Care, with >75% of care time reflecting developmental care. Speech counts were higher during care than no care, for mature vs. immature infants, and for infants in open cribs vs. incubators. Family participation in care ranged widely, with the highest speech counts occurring during periods of intentional voice exposure.Care activities represent a small portion of NICU experiences. Speech exposure during Developmental Care, especially with intentional voice exposure, may be an important source of stimulation. Implications for care practices are discussed.

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