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  • SuFEx Activation with Ca(NTf2)(2) : A Unified Strategy to Access Sulfamides, Sulfamates, and Sulfonamides from S(VI) Fluorides ORGANIC LETTERS Mahapatra, S., Woroch, C. P., Butler, T. W., Carneiro, S. N., Kwan, S. C., Khasnavis, S. R., Gu, J., Dutra, J. K., Vetelino, B. C., Bellenger, J., Ende, C., Ball, N. D. 2020; 22 (11): 4389–94


    A method to activate sulfamoyl fluorides, fluorosulfates, and sulfonyl fluorides with calcium triflimide and DABCO for SuFEx with amines is described. The reaction was applied to a diverse set of sulfamides, sulfamates, and sulfonamides at room temperature under mild conditions. Additionally, we highlight this transformation to parallel medicinal chemistry to generate a broad array of nitrogen-based S(VI) compounds.

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  • Sulfonamide Synthesis via Calcium Triflimide Activation of Sulfonyl Fluorides ORGANIC LETTERS Mukherjee, P., Woroch, C. P., Cleary, L., Rusznak, M., Franzese, R. W., Reese, M. R., Tucker, J. W., Humphrey, J. M., Etuk, S. M., Kwan, S. C., Ende, C., Ball, N. D. 2018; 20 (13): 3943–47


    A method using calcium triflimide [Ca(NTf2)2] as a Lewis acid to activate sulfonyl fluorides toward nucleophilic addition with amines is described. The reaction converts a wide array of sterically and electronically diverse sulfonyl fluorides and amines into the corresponding sulfonamides in good yield.

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