I am a geochemist and climate scientist working on the water and carbon cycles in terrestrial environments. My work includes studying the response of past and present terrestrial landscapes to changes in climate using modeling approaches, geochemical measurements, and field observations. Broadly, I am interested in the role that Earth's continents play in modulating habitable surface conditions over geologic time, and in using sediments to reconstruct past changes in weathering and hydrologic fluxes over Plio-Pleistocene to Phanerozoic timescales.

I am a postdoc at UC Berkeley in Earth and Planetary Science Department supported by a Miller Institute Research Fellowship and President's Postdoctoral Fellowship. Previously, I was a postdoc in Geological Sciences at Stanford University (2018-19), and received my Ph.D. (Earth System Science, 2018), M.S. (Geological & Environmental Sciences, 2014) and B.S. (Civil & Environmental Engineering (Atmosphere/Energy) and Geological & Environmental Sciences, 2012) degrees from Stanford University.

Starting 2021 I will be an Assistant Professor at Brown University appointed in the Department of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences and the Institute at Brown for Environment & Society.

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