I am the Geospatial Reference and Instruction Specialist for the Stanford Geospatial Center, part of the Research Data Services group. I provide GIS consultation and reference support to Stanford students, faculty and staff. My primary role is supporting Stanford researchers in their use and understanding of geospatial tools, data, and methods.

Much of my time is spent conducting one-on-one consultations, training users on GIS software, finding spatial data, and helping design spatial analysis. In addition to one-on-one consultations I also coordinate and present our ongoing series of workshops in GIS (Introduction to GIS, Georeferencing, ArcGIS Online 101, GIS Cartography).

My educational background is in Geography and Geographic Information Science, but a significant part of my professional background is in digital cartography. I have a strong interest in the effective use of design in map making for GIS. I am available for faculty publication map support as well as novel geospatial design work with tools like Blender3d or 3d printing of spatial data.