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  • Machine learning-based identification of a psychotherapy-predictive electroencephalographic signature in PTSD Nature Mental Health Zhang, Y., Naparstek, S., Gordon, J., Watts, M., Shpigel, E., El-Said, D., Badami, F. S., Eisenberg, M. L., Toll, R. T., Gage, A., Goodkind, M. S., Etkin, A., Wu, W. 2023; 1: 284-294
  • Functional Connectivity using high density EEG shows competitive reliability and agreement across test/retest sessions. Journal of neuroscience methods Rolle, C. E., Narayan, M., Wu, W., Toll, R., Johnson, N., Caudle, T., Yan, M., El-Said, D., Waats, M., Eisenberg, M., Etkin, A. 2021: 109424

    View details for DOI 10.1016/j.jneumeth.2021.109424

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  • Identification of psychiatric disorder subtypes from functional connectivity patterns in resting-state electroencephalography. Nature Biomedical Engineering Zhang, Y., Wu, W., Toll, R. T., Naparstek, S., Maron-katz, A., Watts, M., Gorddodn, J., Jeeong, J., Astolfi, L., Shpigel, E., Longwell, P., Sarhadi, k., El-Said, D., Li, Y., Cooper, C., Chin-Fatt, C., Arns, M., Goodkind, M. S., Trivedi, M. H., Marmar, C. R., Etkin, A. 2020
  • Development of VM-REACT: Verbal memory RecAll computerized test JOURNAL OF PSYCHIATRIC RESEARCH Naparstek, S., El-Said, D., Eisenberg, M. L., Jordan, J. T., O'Hara, R., Etkin, A. 2019; 114: 170–77