Diego Sierra Huertas is a research scientist investigating how affective, motivational, and cognitive changes throughout adulthood influence how older people learn and contribute to their communities. He is a current member of the Lifespan Development Lab at the Psychology Department and the Awesomely Adaptive and Advanced (AAA) Learning and Behavior Lab at the Graduate School of Education, under the supervision of professors Laura Carstensen and Dan Schwartz. Additionally, Diego is a current fellow at the Center on Longevity, investigating the impact of neighborhood and community characteristics on health and well-being of century-long lives.

Previously, he was a Fulbright Scholar, graduate student in the Learning, Design and Technology (LDT) masters program, Isaac and Madeline Stein Fellow, and research assistant the Stanford History Education Group, under the supervision of professor Sam Wineburg. His previous roles in the tech industry include Product Strategist, Engagement Manager and Industry Lead at Microsoft, and Marketing Intern at Google. His previous roles in startups include Regional Manager at U-Planner and Summer Product Strategist at Embodied Labs. He practices yoga, teaches meditation and advocates for equity as a critical component for the design and development of educational technology.

Awards and distinctions:
- Fulbright Scholarship, U.S. Department of State
- Isaac and Madeline Stein Fellow, Stanford University
- Colfuturo Award, Government of Colombia
- New Map of Life Fellow, Stanford Center on Longevity
- Technology for Equity in Learning Opportunities Grant, Stanford Graduate School of Education.