Dom Brassey leads growth for Lesbians Who Tech (+ Allies), a global community of 30,000+ queer women and gender nonconforming people in tech (and the people who love us) in over 37 cities around the world. Lesbians Who Tech promotes the visibility, leadership, and influence of LGBTQ women and trans/nonbinary people in tech.

Dom earned an MA in Speech and Communication Studies at San Francisco State University, focusing on collaborative group ethnography, visual anthropology, multidisciplinary media production, and participatory action research. She taught Human Communication and college-level reading and composition through The Prison University Project at San Quentin State Prison from 2005-2013, focusing on intercultural discovery, intrapersonal awareness, and structured argumentation.

In tech, Dom has organized over 10 Tech Inclusion Summits (2016-2017) to strengthen inclusive tech ecosystems in major and emerging tech talent markets through Tech Jobs Tour, in partnership with Shift7 and The White House Tech Hire Initiative. She is a proud alum of business accelerator 500 Startups (2015), and Dev Bootcamp immersive web development program (2016).

Catch Dom IRL:
Emceeing events, facilitating massive Techie Speed Mentoring sessions, running Bay Area trails, waxing poetic about political nuance and intersectional identities, and living the legacy of pioneering gender-nonconforming menswear clothing startup Saint Harridan, Inc.

Education & Certifications

  • Graduate, Dev Bootcamp, Full Stack Web Development (2016)
  • Graduate, 500 Startups, Startup Incubator (2015)
  • MA, San Francisco State University, Speech and Communication Studies (2007)

Service, Volunteer and Community Work

  • East Bay Chapter Leader, Lesbians Who Tech (12/31/2017 - Present)


    oakland, ca

  • East Bay Chapter Organizer, RailsBridge (Bridge Foundry) (1/1/2018 - Present)


    oakland, ca

  • Scholarship Advisory Board, Hack Reactor (6/6/2016 - Present)


    san francisco, ca

  • College Instructor, Prison University Project (8/1/2005 - 1/1/2013)


    san quentin state prison