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  • Understanding Selectivity in CO2 Hydrogenation to Methanol for MoP Nanoparticle Catalysts Using In Situ Techniques CATALYSTS Duyar, M. S., Gallo, A., Regli, S. K., Snider, J. L., Singh, J. A., Valle, E., McEnaney, J., Bent, S. F., Ronning, M., Jaramillo, T. F. 2021; 11 (1)
  • Acidic Oxygen Evolution Reaction Activity-Stability Relationships in Ru-Based Pyrochlores ACS CATALYSIS Hubert, M. A., Patel, A. M., Gallo, A., Liu, Y., Valle, E., Ben-Naim, M., Sanchez, J., Sokaras, D., Sinclair, R., Norskov, J. K., King, L. A., Bajdich, M., Jaramillo, T. F. 2020; 10 (20): 12182–96
  • A non-precious metal hydrogen catalyst in a commercial polymer electrolyte membrane electrolyser. Nature nanotechnology King, L. A., Hubert, M. A., Capuano, C., Manco, J., Danilovic, N., Valle, E., Hellstern, T. R., Ayers, K., Jaramillo, T. F. 2019


    We demonstrate the translation of a low-cost, non-precious metal cobalt phosphide (CoP) catalyst from 1cm2 lab-scale experiments to a commercial-scale 86cm2 polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) electrolyser. A two-step bulk synthesis was adopted to produce CoP on a high-surface-area carbon support that was readily integrated into an industrial PEM electrolyser fabrication process. The performance of the CoP was compared head to head with a platinum-based PEM under the same operating conditions (400psi, 50°C). CoP was found to be active and stable, operating at 1.86Acm-2 for>1,700h of continuous hydrogen production while providing substantial material cost savings relative to platinum. This work illustrates a potential pathway for non-precious hydrogen evolution catalysts developed in past decades to translate to commercial applications.

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  • Transition Metal-Modified Exfoliated Zirconium Phosphate as an Electrocatalyst for the Oxygen Evolution Reaction ACS APPLIED ENERGY MATERIALS Ramos-Garces, M. V., Sanchez, J., Del Toro-Pedrosa, D. E., Alvarez, I., Yu, Y., Valle, E., Villagran, D., Jaramillo, T. F., Colon, J. L. 2019; 2 (5): 3561–67
  • Development of Molybdenum Phosphide Catalysts for Higher Alcohol Synthesis from Syngas by Exploiting Support and Promoter Effects ENERGY TECHNOLOGY ten Have, I. C., Valle, E., Gallo, A., Snider, J. L., Duyar, M. S., Jaramillo, T. F. 2019; 7 (5)
  • Revealing the Synergy between Oxide and Alloy Phases on the Performance of Bimetallic In-Pd Catalysts for CO2 Hydrogenation to Methanol ACS CATALYSIS Snider, J. L., Streibel, V., Hubert, M. A., Choksi, T. S., Valle, E., Upham, D., Schumann, J., Duyar, M. S., Gallo, A., Abild-Pedersen, F., Jaramillo, T. F. 2019; 9 (4): 3399–3412