Ehud Tsemach is currently a learning sciences scholar and a Jewish education researcher. His research interests at Stanford are developing a theoretical and pedagogical infrastructure for Jewish education, inspired by cognitive and dialogical learning sciences. The research explores pedagogies that facilitate textual thinking skills, and how cognition processes are interwoven with identity, values, and cultural background in the context of the classroom.

Tsemach’s PhD research has focused on Ultra-Orthodox Jewish students and explored how cognition, sociocultural background, and gender intersect. His peer-reviewed studies delineate the ways Ulta-Orthodox Jewish men and women build arguments in an academic context compared to other populations.

In 2020-2021 Tsemach had a postdoctoral fellowship at the Dialogos Center at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. During his fellowship, he took part in developing research methods for analyzing classroom discourse inspired by Latour’s Actor-Network-Theory. During that year, he also co-researched, at the Center for the Study of Teacher Training and studied different aspects of teachers’ training programs at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Honors & Awards

  • Outstanding Doctoral Students Scholarship, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (2016)
  • The President’s Scholarship, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (2016-2020)

Professional Education

  • Doctor of Philosophy, Hebrew University Of Jerusalem (2021)
  • Master of Arts, Hebrew University Of Jerusalem (2015)
  • Bachelor of Arts, Hebrew University Of Jerusalem (2014)
  • PhD, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Education (2021)
  • MA, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jewish Education (2015)
  • BA, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Bible and Judaic studies (2014)

Stanford Advisors