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  • Distributional health impacts of electricity imports in the United States ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH LETTERS Hennessy, E. M., de Chalendar, J. A., Benson, S. M., Azevedo, I. L. 2022; 17 (6)
  • 100% clean and renewable Wind, Water, and Sunlight (WWS) all-sector energy roadmaps for 53 towns and cities in North America SUSTAINABLE CITIES AND SOCIETY Jacobson, M. Z., Cameron, M. A., Hennessy, E. M., Petkov, I., Meyer, C. B., Gambhira, T. K., Maki, A. T., Pfleeger, K., Clonts, H., McEvoy, A. L., Miccioli, M. L., von Krauland, A., Fang, R. W., Delucchi, M. A. 2018; 42: 22–37
  • 100% Clean and renewable wind, water, and sunlight all-sector energy roadmaps for 139 countries of the world JOULE Jacobson, M. Z., Delucchi, M. A., Bauer, Z. A., Goodman, S. C., Chapman, W. E., Cameron, M. A., et al 2017; 1 (1): 108-121