Professional Education

  • Doctor, University Paris XI, Neuroscience (2016)
  • Master of Science, Universite De Paris Xi (Paris-Sud) (2012)
  • Licence, Universite De Caen (2010)
  • Diplom, Unlisted School (2009)

Stanford Advisors

  • H Heller, Postdoctoral Faculty Sponsor

All Publications

  • Mouse Gambling Task reveals differential effects of acute sleep debt on decision-making and associated neurochemical changes. Sleep Pittaras, E., Callebert, J., Dorey, R., Chennaoui, M., Granon, S., Rabat, A. 2018


    Sleep loss is associated with sleepiness, sustained attention, and memory deficits. However, vulnerability of higher cognitive processes (i.e. decision making) to sleep debt is less understood. Therefore, a major challenge is to understand why and how higher cognitive processes are affected by sleep debt. We had established in mice correlations between individual decision-making strategies, prefrontal activity, and regional monoaminergic levels. Now, we show that acute sleep debt (ASD) disturbs decision-making processes and provokes brain regional modifications of serotonin and dopamine that could explain why ASD promotes inflexible and more risk-prone behaviors. Finally, we highlight, for the first time, that in a large group of healthy inbred mice some of them are more sensitive to ASD by showing inflexible behavior and decision-making deficits. We were also able to predict mice that would be the most vulnerable to ASD depending of their behavior before ASD exposure.

    View details for PubMedID 30304537

  • Dissociated features of social cognition altered in mice schizophrenia models: focus on social dominance and acoustic communication Neuropharm Faure, A., Nosjean, A., Pittaras, E., Duchene, A., Andrieux, A., Gaury-Faure, S., Charveriat, M., Granon, S. 2018; In press
  • War pediatrics: epidemiologic characteristics of admissions on the critical care unit of the medical and surgical French hospital in Kabul. Anesthésie & Réanimation Salvadori, A., Pittaras, E., Pasquier, P., Merrat, S. 2017; 3(5):426-432
  • Nicotinic receptors are crucial for tuning of E/I balance in prelimbic cortex and for gambling performance in mouse. Frontiers in Psychiatry Pittaras, E., Faure, A., Leray, X., Moraitopoulou, E., Cressant, A., Rabat, A., Meunier, C., Fossier, P., Granon, S. 2016: 7:17.
  • Social behaviors and acoustic social communication in different strains of mice Behavioral Brain Research Faure, A., Pittaras, E., Nosjean, A., Chabout, J., Cressant, A., Granon, S. 2016; 320:383-390
  • Individual behavioral and neurochemical markers of unadapted decision-making processes in healthy inbred mice. Brain Struct Funct. Pittaras, E., Callebert, J., Chennaoui, M., Rabat, A., Granon, S. 2016; 221(9):4615-4629.
  • Mice gamble for food: individual differences in risky choices and prefrontal cortex serotonin . J Addict Res Ther. Pittaras, E., Cressant, A., Serreau, P., Bruijel, J., Dellu-Hagedorn, F., Callebert, J., Rabat, A., Granon, S. 2013; S4:011