I am exploring household climate vulnerability through behavioral decision science and remote sensing. Specifically, I approach this problem by blending theory and practice from the social sciences—through qualitative interview methods and quantitative survey methods—and computer sciences—through remotely sensed imagery analysis using machine learning—with community engagement and knowledge from the natural sciences and civil engineering.

I hold an M.S. in Geophysics (Stanford, 2020) and an M.Eng. in Civil Engineering (UCL, 2016). Before coming to Stanford and being introduced to community engaged research, my research interests were focused on Earth observation technologies and their use for improving life on Earth, and I worked on this at various organizations around the world.

All Publications

  • Safe Shelter: A Case for Prioritizing Housing Quality in Climate Adaptation Policy by Remotely Sensing Roof Tarps in the San Francisco Bay Area EARTHS FUTURE Velterop, E., Uzkent, B., Suckale, J. 2022; 10 (8)