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  • Gap-free Processor Verification by S(2)QED and Property Generation Devarajegowda, K., Fadiheh, M., Singh, E., Barrett, C., Mitra, S., Ecker, W., Stoffel, D., Kunz, W., DiNatale, G., Bolchini, C., Vatajelu, E. I. IEEE. 2020: 526–31
  • Symbolic QED Pre-silicon Verification for Automotive Microcontroller Cores: Industrial Case Study Singh, E., Devarajegowda, K., Simon, S., Schnieder, R., Ganesan, K., Fadiheh, M., Stoffel, D., Kunz, W., Barrett, C., Ecker, W., Mitra, S., IEEE IEEE. 2019: 1000–1005
  • Unlocking the Power of Formal Hardware Verification with CoSA and Symbolic QED Lonsing, F., Ganesan, K., Mann, M., Nuthakki, S., Singh, E., Srouji, M., Yang, Y., Mitra, S., Barrett, C., IEEE IEEE. 2019
  • E-QED: Electrical Bug Localization During Post-silicon Validation Enabled by Quick Error Detection and Formal Methods Singh, E., Barrett, C., Mitra, S., Majumdar, R., Kuncak SPRINGER INTERNATIONAL PUBLISHING AG. 2017: 104–25
  • Symbolic Quick Error Detection for Pre-Silicon and Post-Silicon Validation: Frequently Asked Questions IEEE DESIGN & TEST Singh, E., Lin, D., Barrett, C., Mitra, S. 2016; 33 (6): 55-62
  • Exploiting Rotational Symmetries for Improved Stacked Yields in W2W 3D-SICs 29th IEEE VLSI Test Symposium (VTS)/Workshop on Design for Reliability and Variability (DRV) Singh, E. IEEE COMPUTER SOC. 2011: 32–37