Rita Esuru Okoroafor is currently a Graduate student at the Energy Resources Engineering Department. She is interested in coupling Geomechanics with Reservoir Engineering of Enhanced Geothemal Systems.

Prior to the graduate program, she has worked with Schlumberger for over 12 years. Most of her work experience has been on the fields in the Gulf of Guinea. She has held the positions of Borehole Reservoir Engineer, Reservoir and Production Engineering Team Lead, Sales Manager, Reservoir Domain Champion and Real Time Productivity Steering Product Analyst.

Her technical roles resulted in extensive experience on Formation Testing, Petrophysics, Well Testing, Production Logging, Well Integrity and Single Well Simulation and Production Forecasting, from which she has ten technical papers published, one granted patent and one patent application.
Her non-technical roles gave her an opportunity to develop skills in leadership, communication, presentation and customer relationship management.

Since 2005, Rita has been an active volunteer with the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), holding leadership and committee member positions, locally, regionally and internationally.
Her other interest includes writing and she is the author of the fiction novels "Against The Perfect Will" and "Morning Does Come".

Honors & Awards

  • SPE Africa Region Reservoir Dynamics and Description Award, Society of Petroleum Engineers (2017)
  • SPE International Young Member Outstanding Service Award, Society of Petroleum Engineers (2016)
  • SPE Africa Region Young Member Outstanding Service Award, Society of Petroleum Engineers (2014)

Stanford Advisors


  • Richard Lewis, Chi Duru, Rita Okoroafor. "United States Patent 9575195 Detecting and quantifying hydrocarbon volumes in sub-seismic sands in the presence of anisotropy", Schlumberger Technology Corporation, Feb 21, 2017

2021-22 Courses

All Publications

  • Numerical investigation of the impact of fracture aperture anisotropy on EGS thermal performance GEOTHERMICS Okoroafor, E., Co, C., Horne, R. N. 2022; 100
  • The Quest for Productivity Steering Haq, S. A., Denichou, J. M., Okoroafor, R. E., Zhou, W. Society of Petroleum Engineers. OnePrtro. 2016
  • While-Drilling Productivity Evaluation of Horizontal Wells Okoroafor, R. E., Haq, S. A., Zhou, W., Denichou, J. M. Society of Petroleum Engineers. 2015
  • Maximizing the Benefits of Real-Time LWD Data for Production Performance Prediction Okoroafor, R., Haq, S. A., Ortenzi, L., Zhou, W., Nkanga, A., Khattak, I., Okenwa, D. Society of Petroleum Engineers. 2014
  • An Integrated Approach To Cement Evaluation Okoroafor, R. E., Enwemadu, C. A., Bontems, F., Akinyamoju, B., Ciaroni, M., Epete, S., Nnebocha, E. Society of Petroleum Engineers. 2012