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  • Multidimensional super- and subradiance in waveguide quantum electrodynamics PHYSICAL REVIEW RESEARCH Dinc, F., Hayward, L. E., Branczyk, A. M. 2020; 2 (4)
  • Diagrammatic approach for analytical non-Markovian time evolution: Fermi's two-atom problem and causality in waveguide quantum electrodynamics PHYSICAL REVIEW A Dinc, F. 2020; 102 (1)
  • Exact Markovian and non-Markovian time dynamics in waveguide QED: collective interactions, bound states in continuum, superradiance and subradiance QUANTUM Dinc, F., Ercan, I., Branczyk, A. M. 2019; 3
  • The effective geometry Monte Carlo algorithm: Applications to molecular communication PHYSICS LETTERS A Dinc, F., Thiele, L., Akdeniz, B. 2019; 383 (22): 2594–2603
  • A General Analytical Approximation to Impulse Response of 3-D Microfluidic Channels in Molecular Communication IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NANOBIOSCIENCE Dinc, F., Akdeniz, B., Pusane, A., Tugcu, T. 2019; 18 (3): 396–403


    In this paper, the impulse response for a 3-D microfluidic channel in the presence of Poiseuille flow is obtained by solving the diffusion equation in radial coordinates. Using the radial distribution, the axial distribution is then approximated accordingly. Since Poiseuille flow velocity changes with radial position, molecules have different axial properties for different radial distributions. We, therefore, present a piecewise function for the axial distribution of the molecules in the channel considering this radial distribution. We lay evidence for our theoretical derivations for impulse response of the microfluidic channel and radial distribution of molecules through comparing them using various Monte Carlo simulations. Finally, the communication performance of the channel is examined.

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  • Analytical derivation of the impulse response for the bounded 2-D diffusion channel PHYSICS LETTERS A Dinc, F., Akdeniz, B., Erol, E., Gokay, D., Tekgul, E., Pusane, A., Tugcu, T. 2019; 383 (14): 1589–1600
  • Analytical estimation for the impulse response of an n-dimensional diffusion channel with an absorbing receiver JOURNAL OF PHYSICS A-MATHEMATICAL AND THEORETICAL Dinc, F. 2019; 52 (11)
  • Non-Markovian super-superradiance in a linear chain of up to 100 qubits Physical Review Research Dinc, F., Branczyk, A. 2019; 1 (3): 032042
  • Effective Geometry Monte Carlo: A Fast and Reliable Simulation Framework for Molecular Communication IEEE ACCESS Dinc, F., Medvidovic, M., Thiele, L. 2019; 7: 28635–50
  • Increased yield of MoS2 monolayer exfoliation through the bimetallic corrosion of aluminum APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS Dinc, F., Ertop, O., Sonmez, B., Zhao, P., Raegen, A. N., Forrest, J. A., Mutlu, S. 2018; 113 (21)

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  • Single photon two-level atom interactions in 1-D dielectric waveguide: quantum mechanical formalism and applications OPTICAL AND QUANTUM ELECTRONICS Dinc, F., Ercan, I. 2018; 50 (11)
  • Quantum mechanical treatment of two-level atoms coupled to continuum with an ultraviolet cutoff JOURNAL OF PHYSICS A-MATHEMATICAL AND THEORETICAL Dinc, F., Ercan, I. 2018; 51 (35)
  • Impulse Response of the Molecular Diffusion Channel With a Spherical Absorbing Receiver and a Spherical Reflective Boundary IEEE Transactions on Molecular, Biological and Multi-Scale Communications Dinc, F., Akdeniz, B. C., Pusane, A. E., Tugcu, T. 2018; 4 (2)