For my research I am applying deep learning towards improving segmentation in cardiovascular medical images.

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  • A re-engineered interface and workflow for the open source SimVascular cardiovascular modeling package A re-engineered interface and workflow for the open source SimVascular cardiovascular modeling package Lan, H., Updegrove, A., Wilson, N., Maher, G., Shadden, S., Marsden, A. 2018; 140 (2): 024501-024501-11


    Patient-specific simulation plays an important role in cardiovascular disease research, diagnosis, surgical planning and medical device design, as well as education in cardiovascular biomechanics. simvascular is an open-source software package encompassing an entire cardiovascular modeling and simulation pipeline from image segmentation, three-dimensional (3D) solid modeling, and mesh generation, to patient-specific simulation and analysis. SimVascular is widely used for cardiovascular basic science and clinical research as well as education, following increased adoption by users and development of a GATEWAY web portal to facilitate educational access. Initial efforts of the project focused on replacing commercial packages with open-source alternatives and adding increased functionality for multiscale modeling, fluid-structure interaction (FSI), and solid modeling operations. In this paper, we introduce a major SimVascular (SV) release that includes a new graphical user interface (GUI) designed to improve user experience. Additional improvements include enhanced data/project management, interactive tools to facilitate user interaction, new boundary condition (BC) functionality, plug-in mechanism to increase modularity, a new 3D segmentation tool, and new computer-aided design (CAD)-based solid modeling capabilities. Here, we focus on major changes to the software platform and outline features added in this new release. We also briefly describe our recent experiences using SimVascular in the classroom for bioengineering education.

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  • Fast, Safe, Propellant-Efficient Spacecraft Motion Planning Under Clohessy-Wiltshire-Hill Dynamics JOURNAL OF GUIDANCE CONTROL AND DYNAMICS Starek, J. A., Schmerling, E., Maher, G. D., Barbee, B. W., Pavone, M. 2017; 40 (2): 418-438

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