RESEARCH AREA: Organizations, Technology, and Entrepreneurship
DISSERTATION TITLE: Institutional Effects in the Worldwide Expansion of the Innovation Economy

Gonzalo Valdes' doctoral dissertation addresses the question of why some countries’ attempts to imitate first world approaches to innovation succeed, while others are much less successful. Specifically, his research links institutional theory to the socio-technical and socio-economic capabilities of organizations within countries to produce innovation. Additionally, he recently published a paper, together with Prof. Stephen Barley, about the need for continual learning in the information economy (“The learning imperative in postindustrial work.” In Work and occupations). He also published research about the capabilities of the public sector to harness the opportunities of ICT (e.g., “E-government maturity model.” In GIQ).

Professional Education

  • Doctor of Philosophy, Stanford University, MGTSC-PHD (2017)
  • Master of Arts, Stanford University, SOCIO-MA (2014)
  • Magister, Univ Tecnica Federico Santa Maria, Information and Computer Sc. (2009)
  • Ingeniero, Univ Tecnica Federico Santa Maria, Information and Computer Sc. (2007)

Stanford Advisors

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