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  • Dielectric virial expansion of polarizable dipolar spheres. The Journal of chemical physics Lian, H., Qin, J., Freed, K. F. 2018; 149 (16): 163332


    The dielectric virial expansion is developed for composite systems with embedded interacting dielectric dipolar spheres. Introducing a multiple-scattering expansion for the polarization energy in the presence of an external field enables the derivation of a virial expansion for the polarizability. Substituting the polarizability into the Clausius-Mossotti relation yields the virial series for the effective medium permittivity. When the dipole moment of the particles or inclusions vanishes, the leading-order term in the series reduces to the Maxwell-Garnett mixing rule, whereas the higher-order terms provide corrections that become important at higher densities. The dielectric virial coefficients are readily evaluated by replacing the surface charge contributions with image lines. Numerical data are presented for the second virial coefficients to illustrate the effects of polarization.

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  • Tuning Precursor Reactivity toward Nanometer-Size Control in Palladium Nanoparticles Studied by in Situ Small Angle X-ray Scattering CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS Wu, L., Lian, H., Wills, J. J., Goodman, E. D., McKay, I., Qin, J., Tassone, C. J., Cargnello, M. 2018; 30 (3): 1127–35
  • Polarization energy of two charged dielectric spheres in close contact MOLECULAR SYSTEMS DESIGN & ENGINEERING Lian, H., Qin, J. 2018; 3 (1): 197–203

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