Huw is a postdoctoral fellow in the Thinking Matters program. He completed his PhD in Philosophy at Stanford in 2018, having received a BA in Philosophy and French from Trinity College Dublin in 2012. In the academic year 2018/19, Huw will be teaching in 'Evil', 'Healthcare, Ethics and Justice' and 'Thinking About the Universe'.

Academic Appointments

  • Lecturer, Stanford Introductory Studies - Thinking Matters

Professional Education

  • PhD, Stanford University, Philosophy (Joint Program in Ancient Philosophy) (2018)
  • BA, Trinity College Dublin, Philosophy and French (2012)

Current Research and Scholarly Interests

Huw works on the history of Ancient Greek philosophy. His current research focuses on Plato's philosophical methodology and his conception of political skill or expertise, as well as Aristotle's critical response to Plato's ideas. He is especially interested in how Plato answered the following questions: 'What methods should we employ, and what assumptions about reality must we make, in order to successfully discover important, objective truths about controversial subjects such as politics?' and 'What does a person need to know in order to govern well, and to what extent can this knowledge be written down in a code of laws?' While Plato's answers to these questions, and to a certain extent the questions themselves, seem deeply foreign to us, Huw hopes that studying them will help us better understand our own assumptions about the nature and limits of philosophy and political thought.

2019-20 Courses