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  • High-Q nanophotonics: sculpting wavefronts with slow light NANOPHOTONICS Barton, D., Hu, J., Dixon, J., Klopfer, E., Dagli, S., Lawrence, M., Dionne, J. 2021; 10 (1): 83–88
  • Fluorescence-Detected Circular Dichroism of a Chiral Molecular Monolayer with Dielectric Metasurfaces. Journal of the American Chemical Society Solomon, M. L., Abendroth, J. M., Poulikakos, L. V., Hu, J., Dionne, J. A. 2020


    Strong enhancement of molecular circular dichroism (CD) has the potential to enable efficient asymmetric photolysis, a method of chiral separation that has conventionally been impeded by insufficient yield and low enantiomeric excess. Here, we study experimentally how predicted enhancements in optical chirality density near resonant silicon nanodisks boost CD. We use fluorescence-detected circular dichroism (FDCD) spectroscopy to measure indirectly the differential absorption of circularly polarized light by a monolayer of optically active molecules functionalized to silicon nanodisk arrays. Importantly, the molecules and nanodisk antennas have spectrally coincident resonances, and our fluorescence technique allows us to deconvolute absorption in the nanodisks from the molecules. We find that enhanced FDCD signals depend on nanophotonic resonances, in good agreement with simulated differential absorption and optical chirality density, while no signal is detected from molecules adsorbed on featureless silicon surfaces. These results verify the potential of nanophotonic platforms to be used for asymmetric photolysis with lower energy requirements.

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  • High Quality Factor Dielectric Metasurfaces for Ultraviolet Circular Dichroism Spectroscopy ACS PHOTONICS Hu, J., Lawrence, M., Dionne, J. A. 2020; 7 (1): 36–42
  • Towards all-optical chiral resolution and few-molecule circular dichroism spectroscopy with dielectric metasurfaces Dionne, J., Solomon, M., Hu, J., Abendroth, J., Lawrence, M., Poulikakos, L. AMER CHEMICAL SOC. 2019
  • All-dielectric, mid-infrared metasurfaces for vibrational circular dichroism enhancement Abendroth, J., Hu, J., Poulikakos, L., Solomon, M., Lawrence, M., Dionne, J. AMER CHEMICAL SOC. 2019
  • Enantiospecific Optical Enhancement of Chiral Sensing and Separation with Dielectric Metasurfaces ACS PHOTONICS Solomon, M. L., Hu, J., Lawrence, M., Garcia-Etxarri, A., Dionne, J. A. 2019; 6 (1): 43–49