Dr. Jacqueline Ferguson is a Research Health Science Specialist at the Palo Alto VA (Veterans Health Administration) and is a researcher with the Center for Population Health Sciences at Stanford Medicine.

She specializes in using secondary data sources such as occupational records, insurance claims, and electronic health records to study the relationship between environmental, social exposures and population health. Her research interests are widespread, but all center around methodology to handle time-varying exposures affected by prior exposure and methodology to account for multiple co-exposures or exposure mixtures. Her most recent work has focused on improving access to care for Veterans by examining patient characteristics associated with the frequency, quantity, and proportion of video-based care used by Veterans.

Jacqueline’s doctoral research at UC Berkeley and the Center for Population Health Sciences at Stanford Medicine has examined the impact of specific components of shift work on worker health, and identified night and rotational work as risk factors for hypertension and Type II diabetes. Jacqueline's current research seeks to understand how multiple social determinants of health can simultaneously influence Veteran care and health within the Veterans Health Administration.

Complete List of Published Work: