Jacqui is a senior in the Oceans and Climate track of Earth Systems, focusing on climate change, marine conservation, and environmental policy. Originally from Los Angeles, Jacqui has been passionate about ocean and environmental issues from a young age. Since coming to Stanford, she has explored both the science and policy aspects of environmentalism through research, internships, and several education and advocacy groups on campus. In her junior year, she spent time in Washington D.C. through the Stanford in Washington program, where she was able to explore the intersection of climate change and protected areas through an internship at the World Wildlife Fund. She also spent a quarter at the Hopkins Marine Station in Monterey, CA, where her enthusiasm for all things ocean was allowed to thrive. This past summer, Jacqui worked on ocean policy with the Ocean Protection Council in Sacramento, and hopes to continue her studies of climate change and marine conservation in her senior year. Outside of her academic interests, Jacqui enjoys hiking, yoga, listening to podcasts, vegan food, and any activities that involve the ocean.