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  • Improved Multi-Echo Gradient-Echo-Based Myelin Water Fraction Mapping Using Dimensionality Reduction IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MEDICAL IMAGING Song, J., Kim, D. 2022; 41 (1): 27-38


    Multi-echo gradient-echo (mGRE)-based myelin water fraction (MWF) mapping is a promising myelin water imaging (MWI) modality but is vulnerable to noise and artifact corruption. The linear dimensionality reduction (LDR) method has recently shown improvements with regard to these challenges. However, the magnitude value based low rank operators have been shown to misestimate the MWF for regions with [Formula: see text] anisotropy. This paper presents a nonlinear dimensionality reduction (NLDR) method to estimate the MWF map better by encouraging nonlinear low dimensionality of mGRE signal sources. Specifically, we implemented a fully connected deep autoencoder to extract the low-dimensional features of complex-valued signals and incorporated a sparse regularization to separate the anomaly sources that do not reside in the low-dimensional manifold. Simulations and in vivo experiments were performed to evaluate the accuracy of the MWF map under various situations. The proposed NLDR-based MWF improves the accuracy of the MWF map over the conventional nonlinear least-squares method and the LDR-based MWF and maintains robustness against noise and artifact corruption.

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