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  • Designing Simple Conjugated Polymers for Scalable and Efficient Organic Solar Cells CHEMSUSCHEM Rech, J., Neu, J., Qin, Y., Samson, S., Shanahan, J., Josey, R. F., Ade, H., You, W. 2021; 14 (17): 3561-3568


    Conjugated polymers have a long history of exploration and use in organic solar cells, and over the last twenty-five years, marked increases in the solar cell efficiency have been achieved. However, the synthetic complexity of these materials has also drastically increased, which makes the scalability of the highest-efficiency materials difficult. If conjugated polymers could be designed to exhibit both high efficiency and straightforward synthesis, the road to commercial reality would be more achievable. For that reason, a new synthetic approach was designed towards PTQ10 (=poly[(thiophene)-alt-(6,7-difluoro-2-(2-hexyldecyloxy)quinoxaline)]). The new synthetic approach to make PTQ10 brought a significant reduction in cost (1/7th the original) and could also easily accommodate different side chains to move towards green processing solvents. Furthermore, high-efficiency organic solar cells were demonstrated with a PTQ10:Y6 blend exhibiting approximately 15‚ÄČ% efficiency.

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  • Effects of linking units on fused-ring electron acceptor dimers JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A Cai, G., Xiao, Y., Li, M., Rech, J., Wang, J., Liu, K., Lu, X., Tang, Z., Lian, J., Zeng, P., Wang, Y., You, W., Zhan, X. 2020; 8 (27): 13735-13741

    View details for DOI 10.1039/d0ta03058a

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