Stanford Advisors

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  • DeformNet: Free-Form Deformation Network for 3D Shape Reconstruction from a Single Image Kurenkov, A., Ji, J., Garg, A., Mehta, V., Gwak, J., Choy, C., Savarese, S., IEEE IEEE. 2018: 858–66
  • End-to-End Joint Semantic Segmentation of Actors and Actions in Video ECCV: European Conference on Computer Vision Ji, J., Buch, S., Soto, A., Niebles, J. C. 2018: 734–749
  • ObjectNet3D: A Large Scale Database for 3D Object Recognition Xiang, Y., Kim, W., Chen, W., Ji, J., Choy, C., Su, H., Mottaghi, R., Guibas, L., Savarese, S., Leibe, B., Matas, J., Sebe, N., Welling, M. SPRINGER INT PUBLISHING AG. 2016: 160–76